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Home Ownership is one of the most exciting and financially rewarding aspects of our lives. Although it can seem challenging, with the right guidance and assistance, a new home is just an open door away.

The Open Hand Initiative Charitable Foundation was created with the goal to form local and national partnerships with other philanthropists in order to provide grants to well deserving individuals and families who are searching for that perfect house to make their home,  yet during the pre qualification process many have encountered additional challenges other than obtaining a down payment.


Through the years, our team has noticed a trend that has prevented so many people from even considering the idea of home ownership.  Due to a lack of education regarding the importance of building and protecting their credit at a young age, many persons are credit challenged.  

It is our desire and aim to help many more families to become home owners through our collaborative efforts. We believe the OH Initiative will truly help under served communities achieve realistic goals in purchasing a new home. 

Grant amounts ranging from $1,000 - $5,000 could mean the difference of a home ownership or not.

We thank you in advance for helping us break through these life changing barriers especially at a time when so many are in need of this assistance. 

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